The Matter Over Mind Experience

Nutrition, Health, & Beyond | Dr. John E. Lewis


🎙️ In this insightful podcast episode, weight management expert Zeco engages in a conversation with Dr. John E. Lewis, founder of Dr. Lewis Nutrition. Discover Dr. Lewis' journey from academia to a science-based business career, driven by a groundbreaking Alzheimer's study. Uncover the development and benefits of the remarkable supplement, Daily Brain Care, known for enhancing cognitive function and reducing inflammation. 🧠💪 Gain valuable insights into the importance of providing the body with the raw materials it needs for self-healing and overall health.

🔍 Takeaways:

1. Dr. Lewis' transition from academia to business after a groundbreaking Alzheimer's study.

2. Daily Brain Care's proven improvements in cognitive function and inflammation reduction.

3. The supplement's role in supplying essential raw materials for the body's healing and overall health.

4. Dr. Lewis' emphasis on prevention and the importance of essential nutrients for proper body function.

🕒 Chapters:

- 00:00 Introduction and Background

- 02:16 Transition from Academia to Business

- 06:22 Challenges and Discoveries in Transition

- 12:20 Daily Brain Care and Alzheimer's Study

- 21:52 Benefits of Daily Brain Care

- 35:12 Benefits for General Health

- 38:32 Where to Purchase Daily Brain Care