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Daily Brain Care Powder

Daily Brain Care Powder

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The ingredients in this formula provide hundreds of key polysaccharides, vitamins, minerals, fatty acids, amino acids, elements, metabolites, and cofactors to support all of the body's cells. This unique polysaccharide complex is the most concentrated, bioavailable, and effective for enhancing overall immune function.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

I’ve been taking Brain Care for two months and the last couple of weeks I’ve noticed a definite improvement. Brain fog was common, that is, losing my train of thought; forgetting a particular word; and becoming mixed-up telling a story. I’ve been avoiding conversation and even teaching little children for lack of cognitive function. Scary! However, I’ve recently noticed that day after day I’ve been communicating like I used to when I was much younger. So much so that it’s shocking! I’m very happy about taking a product that actually works! During Dr Lewis’ presentation he said he has funded his own research over many years. In other words, he alone dictates the quality of his product which is ‘Excellent’. I decided to buy Brain Care for this reason. Quality Control. And I couldn’t be more satisfied. I hope he continues to maintain ownership since he’s greatly improving the lives of many people. Thank You Dr Lewis!

Ninja Nan
I Love Daily Brain Care!

Daily Brain Care is amazing! I feel very clear, calm and grounded. My concentration, balance and coordination are great now. Since I am almost 79 years old, you can imagine how thrilled I am with these results! Thank you, Dr. Lewis!

K. Hayden
Update on my experience with Daily Brain Care

I started using Daily Brain Care about a few years ago. I was not religious about using it. I got back on the product 2 months ago and I will take this product the rest of my life. I take it multiple times a day. I feel tremendous energy and my memory is 100% better. God bless Dr. Lewis for creating a genius product. It is the only formula that really works for the brain. I had traumatic brain injury from an accident back in 2019. It greatly affected my memory, but now I'm remembering things from my childhood and I have so much energy. I find it helps with an overall feeling of well being.

Senior moments are all gone!

I wanted to take Daily Brain Care for 2 big reasons and lots of small ones. The 1st is simple, I am 60 years old! Things change and getting a good nutritional source to keep things going as they have in my former years is more important than ever. The 2nd is heredity. I have a history of dementia/Alzheimer's in my grandmother and great grandmother. I am determined to break the hereditary chain. Luckily, I have known about glycomics (defined as the study of structures of a given cell) and the importance of these components in our cell structure for a long time. Dr. Lewis' product is a natural fit. I like the nutty taste of the powder form and add it to a couple table spoons of apples sauce every day.
The results have been wonderful. The little challenges of 'senior moments' which are not so funny, have just gone away. The other noticeable improvement is a general state of calm and peacefulness. I am an ADHD adult who has learned to embrace the characteristics of my label. The scattered thoughts which can be annoying from time to time have shifted and I am able to focus and stay focused comfortably. Thank you Dr. John for a great product and your true commitment to 'Health Care!"

Rudy Gayle
Dr. Lewis Daily Brain Care

After taking product my memory improved significally, also helped with retaining new information as well as names, places and general new knowledge. A excellent product would highly recommend .