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We are Dr. John Lewis has found the keys to Brain and Body Health

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When I heard about Dr. John Lewis, I was mesmerized by how committed he is to healthy living and helping others enjoy their best lives, too. But what cinched it for me is that he has done the research himself through dozens of studies as a professor at the University of Miami School of Medicine that demonstrate the links between proper nutrition, exercise, and dietary supplementation to optimum health and that have been published in almost 200 peer-reviewed medical journals. His studies on brain health in particular have led him to branch out into the private world to further study Alzheimer’s. It’s been conclusively shown that there is a close connection between our lifestyles, what we put into our bodies, and our brain health. Even just in recent days I heard about a study in the mainstream media that found that runners have a lower incidence than others to contract Parkinson’s Disease. Dr. Lewis’ study of polysaccharides has led to pioneering approaches to the treatment of Alzheimer’s and the development of his own brain care supplement formula. Dr. Lewis himself walks the talk, having been a WFPB eater for almost three decades, has been a competitive drug-free bodybuilder, and as you will tell, even overpowers me with his off-the-charts energy. I hope you’ll enjoy this very informative and worthwhile chat that will hopefully motivate you to make incremental, positive changes to help you get more out of your daily life.

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