The effect of nutrition on brain health - DGI's Webinar

The effect of nutrition on brain health - DGI's Webinar

Hello Family and Friends,

I have been invited to speak as part of a virtual seminar on how to own, operate, and grow a residential assisted living facility. I will be speaking on February 8, 12:30-1:00 PM EST about the effect of nutrition on brain health, particularly the results from our clinical research. Proper nutrition is important for all of us and even more so for the elderly.

This seminar is being sponsored by DG Incorporated in partnership with Alzheimer’s Association.

About the Event: In 2023, here is how you can build your economic wealth for generations: open a Residential Assisted Living Facility! In 2022, the senior industry was valued at $92B. In 2030, it will be valued at $140B. Join us for a comprehensive 2-day virtual seminar to learn about starting and managing a successful Residential Assisted Living Facility, from understanding the regulatory environment, setting up the facility, and gaining state approval, to identifying potential residents to getting residents to FILL your facility. Register today to learn how to maximize the opportunity in this $92B industry. The senior industry needs more of these facilities. Do not miss out on the opportunity to build economic wealth.

Register here for the seminar: If you have any questions about the event, please contact Amy Lenz at, and she would be happy to help you.

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